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When you take into account furnishings, paint, flooring, counters, and accessories, renovating your home from top to bottom is a significant undertaking. Some people may find the sheer number of alternatives in each area fascinating, while others may find it overwhelming.

When it comes to interior design, everyone has a preferred material. While some people prefer the cozy tones of wood, others prefer the cozy texture and comfort of fabric or leather. Undoubtedly, natural stone like marble, dolomite, and onyx is our go-to material.

We think that marble’s timeless nature, produces breathtaking natural beauty that can elevate the design of any area in your home.

There are several methods to use marble to beautify your home:

There is a reason why natural stone flooring, staircases and wall cladding are among the most popular uses in home interior design.

Everywhere and anywhere is the solution to the problem of the optimal marble application! Furniture is unquestionably yet another fantastic technique to create a chic interior design that while sometimes beginning on a smaller scale, is just as successful.

On the other hand, accessorizing a bedroom with big amounts of marble is entirely a matter of taste. For warmer areas, having marble walls or floors is highly advised because they can feel wonderfully solace and peaceful.

The bathroom is another area that calls for the use of natural stone. In your opulent home, you can have a stunning bathroom if you are drawn to natural hues, materials, and craftsmanship.

As previously said, natural stones can be used in any area. But there’s a catch: it’s pivotal that you select your marble, granite, or onyx with extreme care, prudence, and full knowledge of your slab options.

Based on your design, specifications, and location, RMR Marmo can assist you in selecting a unique option.

Choosing the right colours for onyx, granite, and marble

Use of real stone in house interiors is ideal due to its endless array of colours, textures, and finishes. Be mindful of that marble colours can vary, making it possible to combine it with materials other than stone, like wood or metal. While most people will choose a marble that is white, beige, cream or a deep grey, you can deviate from the norm and pick one that has pink, black,brown, green, yellow, or gold veins.

Our selection of colours at RMR Marmo

Even if everyone has a different preference for marble, you can still choose a marble or composite stone for your opulent home that fits your concept and embodies who you and your family are.

We advise choosing a stone whose colour or veining balances your design. Choose a vivid marble to add colour to a room that is otherwise neutrally complimented, or choose the white or grey slabs to calm down a crowded, vibrant area.

You will be astounded by the remarkable array of marble, dolomite, and onyx at the RMR Marmo Store in Delhi in a variety of finishes. As each block is polished and trimmed to 18mm thickness.

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