Types of Marble at RMR Marmo

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Types of Marble at RMR Marmo

What Is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is produced as an outcome of metamorphosis of a combination of rocks under extreme pressure and temperatures. These rocks comprehend calcite, limestone, dolomite and serpentine. The main element of marble is calcium carbonate and carries acidic oxide. Marble takes hundreds of eras to form and is found among the oldest parts of Earth’s crust.

Marble products at RMR Marmo

Marble has served as a sign of elegance and sophistication for ages. Each marble slab is distinctive, offering a plethora of colour and pattern options that complement the desired aesthetic effects. In order to assist you in selecting the stone that is ideal for your application, we at RMR Marmo has listed our favourite marble for your interest.

  • NEWTON GREYWith a polished finish, Newton Grey marble is a well-liked choice amongst buyers for its light grey base. It is known for its texture and uniformity thereby making it a popular choice for flooring. Shades of grey can make the room look crisp and appear more spacious. Unique textures and patterns of this marble can infuse a serene and relaxing vibe.
  • CALACATTA VIOLA MARBLE Calacatta Viola has a vibrant contrast of crystalline white thick red wine undertones making it a unique, boldly luxurious and more sought marble than others. It is a gorgeous Hight end natural stone desirable for its rarity and distinctive look for a range of applications. Along with that is adds a sense of opulence with its attractive patterns that will emerge each time you look at it. It can be used for staircases.
  • TITANIUM TRAVERTINE Titanium Travertine is an extravagant stone with a greyish brown base and mineral intrusion differ between light and dark hues with copper crystal scattered over its surface. This Italian Travertine is valued for its great texture and can use it for wall cladding.
  • BRECCIA AURORA MARBLE It is very warm and pleasant beige colour with more or less veins of red or orange which vary beautifully from block to block. This marble expresses a classic beauty. The material is suitable for interior spaces like flooring, for bathroom’s wall cladding and stairs.

RMR Marmo brings to the fore an exclusive marble range. We strive to add personality, character and a sense of opulence to your personal and professional spaces. We provide a classic and modish marble collection by constantly innovating our products and making them easily affordable to our consumers.

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